by John Nels

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Recorded from late February to late April 2017. This was tracked minimalist items. The most basic of recording elements used.

These ideas created spontaneously, with little overdubs, and minimal tracking- often tracked 100% in the same day a song materialized. These ideas were not created with vocals and a guitar, but rather dictated directly by whatever guitar line would be played at any given moment and then multi-tracked following the just recorded main guitar line.

Sorry- not sorry -for this small vague political collection.

I became so perplexed by the current social, economical, and political climate that these songs just started taking shape lyrically in a tone that I generally do not address. Lot's of cursing. Alas- I am still an angry young man...


released May 30, 2017

John Nels Blanchette -
acoustic guitar
various toy percussion items accumulated over the years

Tracked, edited, mixed, and brickwalled by John Nels Blanchette.



all rights reserved


John Nels Portland, Maine

Born in Caribou, Maine- John Nels Blanchette is a proponent of home recording on a budget- with more than 10 albums and collaborations under his belt.

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Track Name: Tell Me
Hey there brother- I've seen how they treat you
Hey now sister- I've been told that you've been lied to
Heard about the troubles- let's get together real soon
Talk about our issues- the elephant in the room

Tell me- What can I do?

Tell me honestly- how the hell did we get in this mess?
Blame all parties- ignorance is maddening distress
Take one step forward- fell down the stairs- will lead us to our death
We know better- face it forward don't take shit- they aren't innocent
That orange stain on our consciousness drives us mad- we must resist

Tell me- What can I do?

Brothers- sisters- mothers- fathers: fight. resist.
Cousins- Neighbors- teachers- others: fight. resist.
lovers- haters- daughters- sons: fight. resist.
fight. resist. fight. resist.

Tell me something good...

Tell me- What can I do?
Tell me- What can I do?
Tell me- What can I do?
Track Name: Whatever Shall I Do?
In the peak of desperate hours- I heard your voice- so haughty and...crude
Creaky vocal chords, vibrating loose- If you fear the worst would come ever too soon

If we stand divided then together we'll fall
Take the long way down to Bramhall

If you say you will join my nihilist ways-
prepare for the nothing and the everything I've come to say
If it comes to pass- that we shall never speak of this again
If it comes to pass- In Bramhall

If we stand divided then together we'll fall
Take the long way down to Bramhall
Track Name: The Ides of March
Feel the tension creak
Future's not in this rotting corpse that lies underneath
Don't be so self-absorbed- cause then you'll find
People who aren't involved weren't worth the time
Just because I run to you
Don't mean I care for you

Men watch your feet- the Ides of March run underneath

Just stay low- we've got at least three years left to go
Jesus Christ - the Royal Right done fucked up this time
we're done fucked this time

Men watch your feet- the Ides of March run underneath

The some of our parts are stronger than 'his' facts.
Don't run scared- come together and choose to act
Despite fear- despite anger- despite all love lost
Come at me- face to face- talk at all costs

Feel the tension creak
The Ides of March run underneath
Track Name: Silence
Don't kid yourself kiddo - we're all the same
Entitled lower class fakes- living richly in vein
I don't own my home, nor this paycheck
hope there's life after debt- I'm just trying to front rent

Trouble behind- Trouble ahead-
I'd be more inclined to tell you off than being friends

We need to feed ourselves, lead ourselves
Keep ourselves free- feed ourselves, lead ourselves
Keep ourselves free- keep ourselves free

Hard to imagine this current state of mind
Where we are no longer equal in our own eyes
In our own way we're slow in excepting time
There's too much on our plate unless we leave...

We need to feed ourselves, lead ourselves
Keep ourselves free- feed ourselves, lead ourselves
Keep ourselves free- keep ourselves free

We're in our own way- we're so slow
To the truth that it's time to restart-
time to depart those who claim stalwart
We're so slow- the regain the things we've purposely lost in time
Track Name: Rah
Try to keep that head on straight
The dailys read like a scene from a fiction magazine
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
While Seasons change- those in charge just rearrange
Ownership over both you and I
Expect to be poor- I will always ask my dear:

Lover have you kissed the sun?

Take one slip and drop into the deep
Become Alice down the rabbit hole and sleep sleep sleep

Now that you've decided to wake my dear
Realize there is no place for tangential fear
Don't be cross- this isn't the world you care about
There's plenty of time to work that all out

But I ask you in all honesty:
Lover have you kissed your son?
Don't carry the world's weight
Track Name: Fare Thee Well
Send in the clowns- pop the cork- let's celebrate; cause life's too short
Let's be clear- no war has been won; but Papa Bear is done

Held the party line every night- from ages fifty to ninety-five
That Wrinkled face that smug old smirk fuck that pompous jerk

His time has come- he's off the tube- this day couldn't come too soon
He played himself out- let's wave goodbye- and give out a collective sigh

We've got our highs- hit some awful lows-well that's life kid- that's how it goes
But I guess- he'll never know- that your friends can become foes

You just can't hit 'reset'- what's to say? Papa Bear: just put it away
We've had enough- pack those bags- and hoist that large white flag

We'll take that win- a small victory- a glimmer of light we all can see
But be warned- if ya cut off a head- another will appear instead

So hear me out- just scream, please shout; confront those monsters that lurk about
twenty four seven- three sixty five- ya know we've been trying this whole time

To understand- to evolve - to love others who hate all
regardless of gender, color or race; try understand and embrace us all

Compassion regards sympathy- don't you run away from me

Hear these word's- dearest Bill, Donald, and those up on The Hill
We won't stop- searching for truth- tread lightly on those who speak against you.